The story

→ On 12 August 1969, with the promotion of Ente Sviluppo Marche, consists COPSE, Elected Seeds Producers Cooperative.
From the beginning, the cooperative represents an important point of reference for the farms in the area.
In the early years, COPSE performs several tasks:
seed production;
withdrawal of products;
commercialization of technical means.

1984 → COPSE focus resources and energy in the production and marketing of seeds, ceasing all other activities.

1994 → April 30, the majority of the members constitutes COPSE the Company Agroservice Spa. Which detects the activity and the establishment of COPSE including the brand.

1995 → The collaboration with the Institute of Genetics Research Maliani after Cirillo (Barilla Prize in 1992) and Giemme (1995) continues to bear fruit: the birth of St. Charles, varieties that immediately becomes a reference point in the Italian market for durum wheat varieties for its high characteristics of quality and productivity.

1998 → Start the process of improving the "quality of the seed."

→ 1999 Constitution of CONVASE: Consortium for the Enhancement of seeds. Agroservice is now starring in the formation and promotion of the Consortium.
The label certifies the process of seed dressing made ​​respecting the application rates on the label of the products. On the packages are declared active ingredient and quantity of doses used.

→ Agroservice sets off a major investment plan with the goal of improving the manufacturing process and to increase the storage capacity.

→ Start of research projects and the establishment of new varieties. It expands the collaboration with Cermis; Institute for Cereal Research of Foggia; Aeneas, who are entrusted with specific objectives for research and experimentation.
The species concerned are: Durum wheat, wheat, barley, triticale, oats, beans (livestock use), Chickpea, Lentil, Vetch, Sunflower.

2000 → July 26, Agroservice presents. This new brand will distinguish the seeds of "high-end" marketed by Agroservice and alongside the historic brand.

2003 → Term of the work provided for in the investment plan. Now the plant Agroservice is able to:

receive the goods using 10 drain holes;
store 21,000 tons of raw materials in silos and warehouses;
select a processing capacity of 22 tons / hour;
packaged in plastic bags, paper and FIBC with a working capacity of more than 30 tons / hour for the line;
tan the goods with high precision and professionalism:
offer customers a catalog of over 70 varieties among the various species.

2004 → New Goal Agroservice: to respond to the changing needs of farmers and the market, following the reform of the CAP.

On 10 September 2005 → Agroservice notes for acquisition of a business unit, through its subsidiary Ise SrL, the seed activity of Isea of Falconara Marittima SpA (An), Angelini group.
The objective of this acquisition is to focus two important seed. The integration between the activities of Agroservice Isea and make more resources available to invest in research.

2006 → Ise SrL change its name in Isea SrL.
Unification of the two commercial networks.

2007 → Redefining roles:

Agroservice SpA: production and marketing of seeds under the brand names ISEA, and Agris Copse.

Isea SrL: concentration of research and experimentation and creation of new varieties.

→ Investment in Agroservice:

April-June: construction of 4 silos with a total capacity of 4,000 tons, bringing its total capacity to 29,000 ton bulk storage.
Installing a new packaging line in paper bags from 5 to 30 kg.

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