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Show-case fields

Yearly visits to show-case fields are  important occasions for the company to present our catalogue with all the varieties. The constant search for new variety selections in Isea permits placing different varieties on the market both cereals and legumes.

Being able to propose ever more varieties is our core mission:  on the one hand it enables us to offer farming estates, seeds that in agronomic terms maximizes field yields, on the other hand it permits cooperating closely with the milling and animal-feeding producing companies that fulfil the  demands of the market

In our show-case fields in Abbadia of Fiastra and Tolentino (in the province of Macerata) we cultivate large-scale plots of cereals and legumes allows comparing new varieties. A place open to agriculturists from all over Italy and abroad further to companies, researchers and stakeholders accompanied by our agronomists and commercial experts in order to have a better understanding on the fruits of our research.

Booking for visits on number 0039 0733 636014: we will have pleasure in introducing you to all the varieties Isea!


On-Site Map of our Show-case Fields

Pictures of our Show-case Fields