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From production to the warehouse and logistics, constantly work scrupulously paying maximum attention in searching for the best solution for the soil and finally to the consumer in offering him top quality products.

  The meticulous attention paid to obtain a top quality seed starts from its cultivation. We carefully select the farms to whom we entrust reproductions regulated by a cultivation contract.

  The cultivation technique applied and the professionalism of our producers, from the sowing to the harvest, guaranteeing a healthy seed excluding the risk of pollution.

  The cultivations are constantly monitored and certified on the field. Following this, the high technical level of processes in the selection, the tanning with the application of plastic film packing and this packing technology of the seed on the site, ensures the highest quality levels.

The excellence in the varieties of our raw materials, processed with maximum care in order to ensure the health and safety of the seed.

We have for years provided the agriculturist with the best performance of the variety. All this is possible thanks to high level know–how, the result of investments in last generation varieties like phytotrons (growing chambers) and new machinery for the selection which guarantees high standards both in the processes and processing of the product.

Scrupulous quality controls in all the stages of the seed processing is the best guarantee for an excellent result  in organoleptic characteristics and for the obtainment of a safe seed.

From production, through to the warehouse and logistics we always work with maximum care and attention, always on the search for the best solution to give to the soil and provide the final consumer with top quality products.


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