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Our work is driven by a constant attention paid to sustainable development and environmental impact linked to the life cycle of our products. We are committed to providing ever more guarantees to our clients in terms of safety an environmental care.

Proof of this has been our choice in matters of energy: we have in fact actively subscribed to the green energy project “Risparmio Virtuoso 100% Energia Verde Certificata” for the use of renewable energy source. We implement 100% green energy contributing in this way to a reduction in CO2 emissions in accordance to the quota of our consumptions.

Innovate respecting the environment

We advocate the use of seed varieties that have an ever more minor impact on the environment and provide information offering onsite advice on the proper use of chemical products in cultivation. In this manner, we are able to reduce to the maximum risks on our operators and on the environment, maintaining high production and quality standards.

We firmly believe that a healthy and safe environment are the rules to sustainable agricultural practices for future generations. If we wish to safeguard our top soil and at the same time fulfil the market demands, a full commitment on our part and that of our agriculturists will be necessary.

In line with this principle, we implement the plastic film packing method in our productive process which protects the seed from its cultivation and which enables it to express to the maximum its genetic potential. This treatment avoids the dispersal of powdery particles in the air. The same attention is placed when tanning the seed, thanks to a minor use in the quantity of the seed respecting existing normal treatment standards protecting the cultivation of the seed.

  We have improved the efficiency in the production processes in order to reduce greenhouse emissions, water and power consumption.

  We promote more sustainable agricultural practices which favour the entire production process and strategic producing chains.

  We promote agricultural practices that implement cultivation techniques that respect biodiversity, the cycle of seasons, the conservation in time of the soil’s fertility: healthy and safe from the sowing to the harvesting of the seed thus protecting our safety and health.